It’s always easy when it’s right

Yes! On Monday, I was officially asked to be an apprentice for the group I’ve been dancing with! I started my first class there on November 9, 2010, which means it took just four months to accomplish this. This is completely unbelievable to me! It was one of my New Year’s Resolutions to be asked into the professional side of the company…but even I knew that’s a bad resolution, since I had no power over the decision itself. I guess it all worked out though, eh?

I’m a bit overwhelmed, but in a wonderful way: I’m in on company practices, getting sneak peeks at choreography we’ll be learning with the larger student group, and am filling up my schedule with future practices and performances.

So let’s reflect: How did I do this?

  • Practice, practice, practice. I did absolutely everything I could to quickly learn the dances I didn’t yet know, but that everyone else did. This normally meant daily (or nearly daily) run-throughs to keep them fresh in my mind. Particularly with that first show I was itching to get into in December, I made it my mission that if I did indeed get the chance to perform, I wouldn’t disappoint. I did get in; didn’t disappoint.
  • Going above and beyond. I learned dances that I didn’t have to learn and (here’s the important part) made sure that my efforts didn’t go unnoticed. This meant that the instructor was pleasantly surprised to see that I could keep up with dances during rehearsal that I wasn’t schedule to be in — and she ended up putting me in them. All of them.
  • Being available and flexible. You want me to switch parts? Sure, no problem. You want to put me in the back? I don’t mind a bit. Oh, and by the way, just so you know, I’m totally ok with doing that pastie reveal part — just in case you need anyone. This flexibility and availability eventually led to me being asked to do a brief reveal at the December show, and then in late January, to begin practicing a pastie reveal number with the 4 other company members. This then led to a February spur-of-the-moment private show. And it was after this show that my instructor noted I “seem to roll with everything” and asked me my availability for company rehearsals. Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about.

This is an important lesson, I think, for me. Putting something out into the universe – and then going after it with everything in your arsenal – really does work. Sure, there were some stressful oh-this-is-frustrating moments, but all in all, it’s been relatively easy compared to so many other things in my life. And that’s how you know it’s right: It’s always easy when it’s right.

Published by adalavender

Burlesque dancer. Showgirl. Poet. Both lover and fighter.

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