Private Parties

Hosting a:

  • girls’ night out
  • bachelorette party
  • birthday party
  • or other group celebration?

Hire Ada for a fun, supportive, and inclusive burlesque workshop for your next girls’ night out, birthday party, or bachelorette party! (Note: I’m located in the Bay Area of California, but available for travel.)

Contact me today! See below for package options.

The Gold Package (Package #1): $350*

In this 2-hour workshop – the most popular offering – you’ll learn basic burlesque movements and a simple & sexy routine. In this no-nudity workshop, there are costume pieces (like gloves and bras) to use during the workshop, but you are also welcome to bring your own fun pieces! All costume pieces are worn over street clothes. Includes snacks and a private rehearsal video sent post-workshop.

*Price is good for up to 10 guests. Additional guests are $20 each. Cost does not include studio rental; I can give recommendations for studio rentals (usually ~$15-30 per hour depending on the space). Workshops can also take place in private homes.

“A friend invited me to one of Ada’s burlesque workshops last December…Ada was so sweet & welcoming, I was able to follow the lesson & had a blast despite having no experience or talent…When it was time to plan my bachelorette party, I immediately thought of Ada how much fun it would be to attend a workshop with my friends again. We had such a great time, I will remember it forever!” ~Lisa, San Francisco

Silver Package (Package #2): $275*

This package is the same as #1, except the workshop is 90 minutes long. Less time is spent on basic burlesque movements, and the choreography learned may be shorter.

*Price is good for up to 10 guests. Additional guests are $20 each. Cost does not include studio rental; I can give recommendations for studio rentals (usually ~$15-30 per hour depending on the space). Workshops can also take place in private homes.

The Ultimate Package (Package #3): $400+

With this package, you’ll get to customize everything, from the length of the workshop to the song you’ll dance to. This bespoke package means I’ll be choreographing specifically for your group, so the final cost depends on the length of the workshop, and the length of the song you choose. Since choreography creation takes time, this package needs to be booked at least 6 weeks prior to the event. Optional add-ons include snacks and wine during the workshop, kitschy guest favors, and equally kitschy bling for the bachelorette.

Contact me today to get the conversation started!

Bring Ada to your organization, or institution!

Promoting inclusion of all body types, gender expressions, and ages, my workshops and performances are perfect for celebrations (hello, birthday party!), but also for institutions like gender studies departments, body-awareness organizations, and other entities promoting positive body image. I am currently based in the Bay Area of California, but am available for travel.

Whether for a performance of burlesque, samba, or body-positive solo theatre, or for teaching a Body Revel burlesque workshop, contact me for a free quote!



Photo by RJ Johnson.
Photo by RJ Johnson.

About “Body Revel” body-awareness burlesque workshops

What is burlesque? Burlesque has long, storied history in the U.S., dating back to the 1860s. When contemporary or “neo” burlesque surfaced in the 1990s, it began transforming into what it is today. Burlesque is a place where the performer is in control of communicating her or his sensuality or comedy or political statement or message to the audience. Burlesque is a powerful – and empowering – conversation between the performer and the audience.

Photo by Greg Inda.
Photo by Greg Inda.

Is burlesque stripping? In a word, yes. While traditional burlesque and contemporary stripping may be cousins, they are different experiences with different goals in mind. Burlesque is about the tease, not necessarily about showing skin. In traditional burlesque, the performer strips down to pasties (which cover the nipples) and panties. But a burlesque routine doesn’t necessarily show that much skin; I’ve both performed and seen numbers where the performer strips down only to a bra and panties, or even just removed a pair of gloves! So do performers take off clothing? Yes. But who gets to decide how much? The performer. Period.

Do I have to strip in class? No; there is no nudity in my group workshops. Wear regular workout clothes (form-fitting is best). Anything we remove in the workshop will be worn over your street clothes. I will bring some items to play with; you’ll be instructed if you need to bring anything else.

Why should I do this? View this as you might view any other dance class: We’ll be isolating movements and learning choreography. You’ll work on style and grace in your movements. In my experience, a benefit to burlesque is that it’s great at boosting body self-confidence. Burlesque embraces the beauty in all sizes and ages. I’ve seen people of all shapes, sizes, ages, and gender expressions perform burlesque…whatever your body type, it’s perfect for burlesque. Trust me!

What else? Body Revel classes (can) also include the all-important step of self-reflection through light journaling. What good is spending time loving your body if it doesn’t stick? In this safe space, we’ll share some of these revelations in class, but participants are never pressured to share their reflections.

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