Monday, Aug. 3: Hubba Hubba Revue – a return and a debut!

On Monday, Aug. 3, I’ll return to the Hubba Hubba Revue stage at Above DNA Lounge in SF. I’m opening the show at 10 p.m.! I haven’t been on the Hubba stage in waaaaay too long because of work obligations — so I’m returning with a brand new number! It’s my first number in aContinue reading “Monday, Aug. 3: Hubba Hubba Revue – a return and a debut!”

Saturday May 16: DIVA or Die Burlesque

This Saturday marks my second appearance at DIVA or Die Burlesque at Exit Theatre in San Francisco. This is such a great venue because it’s small, there are tables, and every seat has a view of the stage…so you won’t be staring at the back of some guy’s head, on your tip toes trying toContinue reading “Saturday May 16: DIVA or Die Burlesque”

Help Ada! Vote me into the Burlypicks finals!

Online burlesque mag Burlesque Bitch is hosting the Burlypicks again this year in L.A. – but this year, instead of it being the only event, it is the culmination of dozens of regional Burlypicks around the country. I was lucky enough to compete in L.A. last year, and what a blast! More, please! In their BurlesqueContinue reading “Help Ada! Vote me into the Burlypicks finals!”