Craft Corner: Wedding veil

With my next solo (hello, holidays!) on the horizon, I am in the midst of costuming and choreographing a bridal/holiday-themed number. Yes! So I thought I would show the process of making one of my costume pieces. Not because I’m super innovative, or do it better than anyone else. Simply to share with other burlesquers, wanna-be burlesquers, audience folk, and the interested passerby. So here you go!

Project: A wedding veil

  • 2 yards of cheap tulle (<$3)
  • 1 tiara ($14.50, although I bet craftier types with good resources could make it cheaper!)
  • Total time to make: 15 minutes

First, I folded the tulle so that one side was about a foot longer than the other (to make the back of the veil longer while wearing). Like this:

Then, at the fold, I scrunched up the tulle on each side until it met in the middle and I could hold it in one hand, like so:

I then cut off a piece of tulle at the bottom and tied it around the scrunched-up part. Then I flipped the shorter side of the tulle back (this is the part that goes over the face).

The final step was to insert the comb into the tulle, right in the area where it’s tied together:

And the finished product! If I really wanted to go all out, I could add rhinestones or trim (which I may!), but for the resources I have right now, I’m pleased with this!

See this veil (and me under it), live and in action at Red Hots Burlesque at El Rio in San Francisco on Friday, Dec. 13 and at Hubba Hubba Revue at the Uptown Nightclub in Oakland on Monday, Dec. 16.

Questions or comments (or other ideas?!), leave them here.

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