Hey Chicago, come on out!

As I bounce between San Francisco and Chicago, it’s my turn in Chicago this weekend! Come out to Vaudezilla‘s show at Stage 773 (1225 W. Belmont Ave., Chicago) where I’ll be doing a number I’ve never done in Chicago before? (Ahem, who likes librarians?!)

Facebook invite here: https://www.facebook.com/events/205141926319806/

Tickets here: https://www.vendini.com/ticket-software.html?t=tix&e=c13b6c3ec2fff47d00f4662b903521db
(Use code “vaude2013” for $5 off!)

I’m excited to see you, Chicago!

Published by adalavender

Burlesque dancer. Showgirl. Poet. Both lover and fighter.

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