Oh, the juggling

I’m sitting here, on my Sunday, juggling the duties of 1) graduate student and 2) semi-professional burlesque/cabaret dancer.  I find the dichotomy amazing. It’s kind of been happening this whole week.

I spent one night this week practicing eight dances that I’ll perform in two short weeks – one of which involves me removing my top and having a pastie reveal. I spent the following morning in a grammar class, closely examining how English is constructed so that I can one day be a better teacher of it to people who speak other languages. One night I was working hard on timing my grinds with 13 other girls, and the next morning I was volunteering answers like, “That’s the complement of the head of the clause, which is non-finite.”

And now, today, I’m reading about intrinsic motivation in students and how to foster it, while nursing sore feet that have been at a three hour practice perfecting those aforementioned grinds (and turns and samba steps and arm positions and…).

Perhaps it’s not that much of a dichotomy though…maybe that’s just a long-gone stereotype. There is, of course, Gypsy – a favorite of mine – dubbed “the intellectual stripper.” NPR just did a show about her for the anniversary of her 100th birthday: Gypsy Rose Lee and Burlesque’s Allure.

Maybe it’s just my own provincial mind I have to hurdle over…

Published by adalavender

Burlesque dancer. Showgirl. Poet. Both lover and fighter.

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